Friday, November 10, 2006

The Story of My October Part 1

October started pretty decently. I had plans to participate in 24 Hour Comics Day and get an early start on Novel Writing Month. It started at well, pretty quiet. I got thru my 24 hour comic with little to no problems.

Then my wife made a routine eye appointment.

Where she found out she has cataracts. Now anyone who knows anything about cataracts will know that 29 years old simply do not get them. The optometrist asked her if she was a diabetic, as diabetics are the only cases he's ever seen with cataracts under 50. So she went and picked up a testing kit.

And found out her blood sugar was 4 and a half times where it should be. She immediately got a prescription for a new diabetes drug and away we went, as she worked on getting her blood sugar under control before she could get her cataract surgery.

I found myself focused even more on my daughter as my wife kept various appointments all around town. We saw our Flexible spending account disappear in a flash. But she got her count down to where it should be and had her first cataract sugery this last Tuesday.

So all is relatively good.

Hopefully it will stay that way.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

I'm Still Alive!

Just a quick post to let anyone who might be reading this that I’m still alive and kicking. Computer problems still continue to derail my efforts to maintain this blog as frequently as I want, but hopefully, in the near future I will find a way to work towards resolving that issue.

Much to report over the last few weeks, and I'll try my best to get to that in the next few days.