Thursday, January 17, 2008

Better Late Than Never

So I’ve had a bit of a hectic January so far. It started with my niece falling ill with what we now know was toxic shock syndrome. This left her in intensive care for over a week, and at a couple different times, in very dangerous waters. They took her off the respirator after about a week at the University of Iowa ICU, and within another week (the 12th), she was on the way home with her mom. So all good there.

Unfortunately, at the same time, a very close friend of my wife’s family fell ill in Indianapolis. Vanessa had been fighting illness for years but this was the final battle. She passed a week ago Sunday, not more than a few hours after my wife and daughter visited her. The next weekend was the funeral, again in Indianapolis, so the family has spent some time on the road as of late.

And I had a terrible stomach virus dead in the center of that. Not fun, folks, and I will leave it at that.

None of these things really contributed to me wanting to post on this website. Which is kind of sad, as I had plenty talk about: I had plans to talk about the Iowa caucuses, last year’s best comics, various other year end-y goodness, and the like. So yeah, none of that really happened, and it probably won’t at this.

I will say I was really proud of the Iowa caucuses. Two excellent human beings were our choices, and I am very proud of that. Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee shown through both races as just plain decent human beings. The one thing this country doesn’t need is the same old by the books politics, and we voted that way on both sides. I just hope the rest of the country can catch up on what we in Iowa have been seeing for the past several months. Votes cast in recent elections for the likes of Hilary Clinton and Mitt Romney make me wonder though.

Which is the one thing that sucks about the first in the nation caucuses. Now that we’re done, all we can do is sit, wait, and pray that the rest of America is wise enough to make the right choices for the future of the country.

I’ll jump off my high horse now and just encourage people to get involved in their local primary/caucus. Learn what your candidates believe, decide who you think will be the best future leader of the free world, and go out and vote. These primaries are the most important in decades, and every vote counts.

Oh, and go out there and watch Juno, the best movie I have seen in months. And the soundtrack rocks hard, so buy or download it (legally, of course).

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Welcome, everyone... to the future!

Happy New Years, folks!