Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Extreme close-ups

So my three year old wanted her picture online so I decided to oblige:

This is by no means the only extremely close shot we have of her either. She loves to mug for the camera, but doesn’t quite know how to stand to get her picture taken yet.

The Memorial Day sale on my book Living Legends has been extended through Thursday, May 30 at noon CST, so get your copy while you still have a few hours to do so. As the year continues, expect several more promotions like this to crop up on Metahuman Press books.

Aliens Among Us authors: I should have e-mail out to everyone by this time next week as well with either a yea or nay on the anthology.

Has everyone seen the Modern Pulp Heroes cover now? If not, we will end today’s blog with this thing of beauty by John Davies:

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This is your life, Nicholas Ahlhelm

So of course I start my own personal blog here… and my internet dies. Story of my life, folks. I’m posting this from the local library right now, where most of these posts will probably come from for most of the next week.

On the writing and editing front, I’ve been doing some final proof corrections on Modern Pulp Heroes, reading through the pile of stories for Aliens Among Us and working on my next (and final) Pulp Obscura tale for Pro Se Press. So not doing much at all.

I’ve been watching way too much television through the power of library rented DVDs in my spare time. I’m currently ¾ of the way through Smallville season 6, half way through the Iron Man anime and finishing up the first season of Leverage. I have the second series of Luther waiting in the wings when I finish those.

Related to all that television watching, I’ve also started reading Liz Braswell’s Nine Lives of Chloe King, the inspiration for the rather good ABC Family show of the same name. In a move surprisingly opposite to my usual preferences, I think I like the show better. That being said I still have the second two books to finish, so things could approve.

Any golden age comic fan should immediately go buy a copy of Showcase Presents All-Star Squadron immediately. I’m only four issues in, but it’s already my favorite comic purchase of the year so far.

There’s only so much time in the world and that’s about all I have here. I’ll still try to keep this blog updating every couple days though, so stay tuned for that.

If anyone has any questions they want answered by me, your illustrious author and publisher, please feel free to ask at my Formspring.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

And we're back!

I’ve decided to revive this blog. Back in the day I used it as the preliminary version of Super Powered Fiction. With that site up and running for over a year and a half now, I don’t feel a need to post that kind of thing here.

Instead this page will serve as something of an author blog. I’ll update it when I have projects in the work, when I have to vent about deadlines, or when I have something new and interesting to post about my personal projects or life.

I’m becoming more of a pointless photo-taker as well, so maybe some of those will seep on to the site as well. On the other hand, maybe not. I’m not good at promising things.

People who want to read my reviews should head over to the aforementioned Super Powered Fiction where you can not only find articles, but also links to all the Examiner pages I currently run out of my secret control center here in Eastern Iowa.

And, to quote a great philosopher, that’s all I have to say about that.