Friday, September 22, 2006

Back in Black

I took a couple days off time from my friend the internet, and from doing much of anything for that matter, for the last couple days. The break did me well, as it allowed me to both refocus my energies as I head in to my plans to participate in Novel Writing Month in October. I’ve been brainstorming a story idea for most of the 48 hours away, and I think the concept should work well in maintaining my interest as I push out ten pages or more a day. As it stands right now, it has everythng I love: spaceships, swords, alien hordes, robots, religious imagery, and most improtantly, cool characters. More will come on the 30th, when I get started.

Yeah, I'm actually starting novel writing month a day early as I will also be trying my hand at 24 hr comics day on the 7th of October. I can't really draw so it should make the experiment fun, but we'll see what I can turn out.

Not much to report in life. Lots of “work” at my job, where I am getting quite far in Final Fantasy IV Advance. I am heading in to another long, boring weekend there so wih me luck.

I have a kid to pick up from the bus stop, so later everyone.

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