Monday, December 29, 2008

Super-Powered Prose: Wake by Lisa McCann

Wake isn’t exactly regular superhero fare. No costumes, no even any really heroic actions. But I would still easily categorize it as super-powered fiction. Janie has the power (or is it a curse) to see the dreams of those around her. The only problem is she can barely control it.

This is typical young adult fiction, so while dealing with the constant dreams bombarding her, she also has to deal with boys, sex, and problems fitting in. But we get it from different angles, as she experiences the hidden secrets and closeted desires of those around her. Lisa McCann digs them up rather well, even as she builds a rather lackluster relationship between her and a young slacker at the school named Cabel.

By the end of the story, she learns she’s not the only one of her kind and starts to build towards at least a level of control. But the story derails with the sudden arrival of a police-related plot. I assume this is a build-up for the sequel Fade, but it feels just wrong with the structure of the novel’s first two-thirds.

Even with that brief complaint, Wake remains a good, quick read. I would recommend it, if only as something a little different than what you usually find out there.

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