Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Living Legends 20 Notes (now with a contest!)

It’s hard to believe I am already up to the twentieth chapter.

For the first time in the book, I establish a group of potential spin-off characters. While the Next Gen will be appearing for the rest of the current story arc of Living Legends, I actually designed the team (in a slightly different form) as an entirely separate concept. As I fleshed out Dominique’s experiments and their results, I realized I could dove-tail the origins together quite nicely. A few name changes to tie them in with some really obscure Golden Age character names and voila! Yeah for syncronicity.

I didn’t forget about Purge. We will have more with the killer very soon.

We have an important moment in the progression of our first volume right here. The Atoman and Black Owl relationship is one I have built up over the last dozen chapters and I promise you that it is far from over yet.

Can you say team-up? I think you can. We will have a lot more with Fear-Lass and Ace the Amazing Boy in the first of three chapters next month! Yes, I did say three chapters! We have a special Christmas story coming up, and I am not going to delay that until after the holiday! So be ready for a triple dose of Living Legends next month.

Now for the contest of the day: can you tell me which nineties movie partially inspired the six young heroes that make up Buster’s Next Gen and their personalities? A first name or two may even have been lifted. I may just have a piece of Metahuman Press swag for whomever guesses correctly....

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