Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Living Legends 24 Notes

Not going to say much this time around, as most of this chapter is build for the explosive conclusion to our first book.

This is the one and only chance in this book to really get a good feeling for the young heroes in action. But the Newgen will get some more face time in book two (and possibly a spin-off). Manowar is the golden age Man of War, a Centaur character revived once before by Malibu for their Protectors series. I am going back to the original concept of a figure literally created to serve war with this incarnation, but his origins are a little more complicated than they first appeared back in the early forties.

I do love the idea that Fire-Eater can turn his spit into napalm. Honestly, I am surprise how much fun a fire-breathing character can prove to be.

The heroes finally start to come together again this chapter. Expect more to arrive in a couple weeks.

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