Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thor's Day 3: Something Old, Something New...

Mighty Thor 339 starts out on a slow note as the returned Beta Ray Bill and Thor both collapse. In the aftermath, we visit several voices of Asgard, including Lorelei, as they discuss the new bearer of Mjolnir.

Odin visits with Bill upon his recovery. Bill does not want Mjolnir and denies his claim to it. But Odin swears that he will aid Bill and his people. Odin visits Eitri, greatest of dwarf blacksmiths. Eitri places Odin with another challenge. He will fulfill Odin’s mysterious request if a female can beat the dwarves’ greatest warrior.

Sif goes to answer the call, even as the convalescing heroes watch her go. Oh, and apparently injured Asgardians wear furry slippers.

Sif quickly finds herself in battle with Throgg the dwarf, who doesn’t seem very small.

As the fight continues, we briefly return to Volstagg, still atop Balder’s would-be attacker. We also return to the DOOM! as the mysetrious smith continues his work. Then we go to Quebec when a lighthouse worker named Rene Baroque runs afoul of a nasty looking demon in search of vengeance.

We return to Sif’s battle with Throgg. Sif proves to make short work of the gigantic dwarf. Eitri agrees to go to the forges and complete Odin’s wishes.

After much work, the project is finished. Bill travels with Odin to the forges. At Eitri’s command he reached in to the molten fire, aided by a protective glove. His hand rises with a hammer of his own in hand... Storm Breaker.

With both Thor and Bill returned to full power, Thor insists on accompanying Bill back in to space, in hopes of aiding his new friend and rival. Thor summons two powerful rams, Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder to drag his chariot in to space. Sif stops the heroes and declares her right to join the journey. The three heroes fly off in to space as this issue ends.

This chapter shows the first true hints that Simonson has something truely epic planned for Thor, despite the fact that Thor barely takes much action personally. Still after three explosive issues, it is clear that the God of Thunder’s adventures are only beginning.

Next: Though Hel Should Bar the Way!

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