Sunday, November 7, 2010

National Novel Writing Month is underway!

I am nearly 12,000 words deep in this year's Nanowrimo entry with more words to come later today after a nap. I've quite enjoyed my work on my Nano novels over the past two years, though I still haven't quite finished either work. My first work, working title Neo-Tokyo, was an adventure story that basically took my ideas of what a manga-inspired superhero world would actually look like. I plan to revisit it in the near future, finish it up, and possibly release it as the first MHP original novel not featured on the site.

Last year I wrote American F.O.R.C.E., which recently spun out of the end of Long Hot Summer. That will run for the next year or so before branching out in to an even bigger story.

This year, I'm working on my other planned spin-off of Long Hot Summer, the continuing tales of Susan Benjamin under her new heroic identity as Suicide Blonde. I just started the third chapter today and I'm enjoying it more than anything I've written in months. It's also one of my first attempts to really try a first person narrative and so far I think it's going pretty well. MHP readers can expect it to appear much quicker than F.O.R.C.E., probably in January 2011.

I have at least one more update planned for this month at Take the Helm, and I am hoping to have another update with big news about more regular updates from my sphere of writing. Stay tuned for that.

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