Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thor's Day 10: The Wild Hunt

Mighty Thor 346 opens with Roger, the old man (the son of Malekith’s victim last issue) as he contemplates his given task. He’s attacked by Malekith’s servants but escapes.

Meanwhile, Thor starts to investigate the fate of Eric Willis (the aforementioned victim). He meets with the police, but learns they are the same servants of Malekith. They try to poison him with the cookies from previous issues, but he uses his hammer to incapacitate them. After all, “Gods are made of sterner stuff”.

Roger recovers the hidden Casket of Ancient Winters and hides it in a Macy’s back to travel with it.

Malekith arrives too late to retrieve the Casket, but instead pulls out a great horn and blows it in to the air. The horn cannot be heard by human ears, but Thor can make it out: the sound of the Wild Hunt.

And they don’t take very long to show up.
Someone should call the Ghostbusters for these Hellhounds

Roger fights them off with his handgun, but the Master of the Hunt arrives to challenge him more closely. Which is always a good time for a timely hero intervention.

Must suck to have a Barroom dropped on you.
Malekith goes all kill crazy at the site of a god and sends the dogs after Thor.

Oh, and unless we forget him this guy is hard at work as well.

Build one sword and apparently an entire army shows up.
The dogs take their toll on the heroes, but Thor knows the weakness of those of the faerie realm (like elves). One well aimed iron girder is enough to seriously injure Malekith and send him and his hunt in to retreat.

The Casket and Roger are rescued, only for the two men to walk in to another trap at the hands of Melodi (Lorelei) and Malekith!

But that’s a story for next week as we go “Into the Realm of Faerie!”.

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