Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Freelance Editing

Anyone interested, I am willing to edit and proofread any fiction manuscripts for a low price in preparation for publication. For a fee, I will proofread and prepare any size script for publication in print and ebook formats. For an additional fee (contact for rates), I can also assist in book formatting and set up for ebook and print self-publishing.

I have several years experience working in small press publishing through my own Metahuman Press (and its imprint Pulp Empire) with over a dozen books published and over a dozen more in the pipeline for late 2012 and early 2013.

For nonfiction material, please contact me about rates and availability. 

Anyone interested should contact me at webmaster {at} metahumanpress {dot} com.  

Rates for proofs and edits are listed below: 
  • For any short stories (7500 words or less), I will edit and proofread for only $10.
  • Novellette (7501-17,500 words): $25.
  • Novella (17,501-40000 words): $50. 
  • Short to midrange novels (40,001-100,000 words): $100
  • Longer novels (100,000 words or more): $100 + $20 for every 25,000 words over 100k.