Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Coolest Thing Ever!

So the fine folks over at my new favorite geek-related site Topless Robot have posted their list of The Ten Most Awesomely Insane Nerd Crafts. The entire list is pretty cool and well worth checking out for the video game freaks of the world. But number two is by far the coolest of the cool.

A fellow blogspot user by the name of Kyle Downes has produced a coffee table that is also a functional NES controller. He spent about a month on the thing, and the results are thoroughly awesome. I mean how much easier would all those terrible track & field games for the NES be now that you have a giant B and A button to hit over and over again. And code entry could go from somewhat hard to more challenging than Street Fighter 2010 and Batman combined! More pictures on the link above, but here is a video of it in action.

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