Monday, September 22, 2008

Heroes Going Postal

Three webisodes off the official Heroes site. One last look at the online content before the big debut in less than an hour.

Chapter One

Mailman Echo DeMille comes in to contact with two agents of the Company, one normal and one a constrictor, basically a human boa (complete with no hair). They try to abduct him and it ends badly, as Echo uses his sonic projection powers to blow out the eardrums of the human agent. Echo seems well played and an interesting character, even in the brief three minutes of the video.

Chapter Two

we meet Gina, Echo’s girlfriend, in this chapter, as Echo returns home. He runs afoul of the constrictor again, but Echo uses his powers to make short work of the Company man.

Chapter Three

Echo sends Gina away as a knock comes at the front door... (Which involves quite a lot of knocking.) Two more agents come to “talk”. Echo once again attacks with his powers, but...

Weeks later we see Echo in a Company facility, on Level 5, where a certain Mrs. Petrelli comes to pay him a visit in his cell.

All in all the webisodes are short and to the point, but they accomplish what they need to do. They introduce a new player in to the Heroes storyline, one obviously planned to play a role in the new season.

The Going Postal comic strip sadly proves more useful in giving us insight in to the character of Echo, but even so both serve to expand the Heroes-verse quite well.

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