Monday, September 22, 2008

Heroes the Graphic Novels Part the Third

All right here is the final set of Heroes graphic novels as I finish my reviews on them. These are all new to me, as I was a good several months behind on these myself.

Issue 80: Moonlight Serenade, again drawn by Jason Badower, takes us even farther back in to the life of Linda Tavara as she murders her first victim.

Issues 81-82: Chuck Kim and Peter Steigerwald bring the story of super-sighted Donna Dunlap as she runs afoul of the Company and makes an agreement with the mysterious Evs Dropper to bring them down.

Issue 83: Donna’s story continues as she goes undercover in the company, only to see a vision of her future from Isaac Mendez. Nice continuing saga we have going here.

Issues 84-85: Agent Thompson’s point of view of the events of issue 83 and slightly before. In issue 85, The events of 83 and 84 bring Donna doubt in her mission, but she finds a way to continue onward.

Issues 86-87: Mark Sable, Alitha Martinez, and Micah Gunnel take us away from Donna’s story to tell the story of normal Penny Logan, an unattractive Company employee who happens to be the daughter of a hero with skin-shaping powers. Her mom plays with her love life and we find out just how shallow Anderson really is.

Issues 88-90: Oliver Grigsby and Jason Badower give us a tale of Sabine Hazel and her partner, the duplicating Julien Dumont, as Sabine learns that everything she thought about Julien was wrong and she sets out on a quest to free both of them from the Company once and for all. Very good stuff. One of the few good things about the disappearance on television of Heroes for so long is the improved quality that has came to the weekly graphic novels.

Issues 93-95: We get an insight in to some of the Company support team members as Thompson and Dunlap lead them in to a fight with a plant controlling hero. We meet Fallon, a man in love with both Eden and Candice, and with an immense hatred for one Gabriel Gray. Great Gaydos art on this one as well. His ruthlessness goes on display in chapter 3 (where Micah Gunnell takes over the art) as he ruthlessly executes two heroes in a South American rainforest. Great character, hopefully we will see him on the show.

Issue 96: Tie in to the Going Postal webisodes. More commentary on this after I watch those!

Issues 97-98: Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration introduces us to Daphne Milbrook, the speedster who will be one of the “Villains” of season 3. She’s hired to break in to a Yamagato Industries’ safe, a mission that will bring her in to contact with Hiro...

Issue 99: Things get heated in Hindsight at the Company as Donna Dunlap’s secret mission is discovered after it ended 14 chapters earlier. Communication breakdowns, accusations are made, and suddenly everyone is at everyone else’s throats.

Issue 100: Thompson frees Donna in Foresight and the quest to discover the identity of Evs Dropper closes in...

Issue 101: Jason Badower arrives back on art duties for Into the Wild part one, as Sabine learns Evs’ secret identity. I will avoid spoiling it here, but it is a doozy.

Issue 102: The story continues as we cover the true duel identity of one Evs Dropper and their history, even as the Company closes in...

Issue 103: Double-sized goodness as Into the Wild concludes and prepares us for season three. Things go to hell, a lot of people die, and the comics storyline of the last few months comes to a very bloody end.

Next Heroes preview coming up soon: The Webisodes!

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