Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Timeline 18 Story Notes

This one was a lot of fun just because of the characters and events involved.

The Tunguska Event actually occurred in the Tunguska portion of Siberia just over one hundred years ago. No one quite knows what lit up the night sky but seemed to cause absolutely no damage whatsoever. This story serves as something of my solution to that dilemma.

Citrine is a name of my own choosing, but the Yellow Kid is a very real character. One of the first figures in comics, he debuted in the mid-nineties. That’s eighteen-nineties in case you were confused. He fell in to the public domain decades ago, and I really wanted to stake my claim on him as a precursor to the adventure heroes of the twenties and the mystery men of the thirties and forties. He is terribly under-utilized today with my only knowledge of his recent use was as a comedy bit in Joss Whedon’s six issues of Runaways.

The Doctor is not the same character as can be seen in the twenty-plus seasons of Doctor Who. I just wanted to say that, as the way he is presented in this story might make people think that. He is an immortal and he will play a very important part of the growing Timeline story and the origins of the Quadrant Universe, but he is not a time traveler. His full name will be revealed some time in the future.

So who will our young man grow to be? That is a question that I am not quite ready to answer. But I will get there eventually. And that story will not only tie in to yet another public domain character, but also in to an upcoming chapter of The Monastery. It all comes together eventually....

Read the story here.

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