Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Living Legends 18 Notes

The Lady Fairplay / Foulplay story moves forward and we get some of the first clues towards one of the over-arching story arcs of Living Legends. More on this in future chapters.

Charles Chandler, although a very health mid-eighty year old in this story, is another golden age hero. In his case, he used to use the classic name Crimebuster. A very strange character that was somewhere between standard superhero, pulp hero, and Archie-style comedy romance. Now he will be a key figure in the evolving conspiracy as it takes center stage over the next few chapters.

Yep, a baby for Isobel. More in future chapters.

Did you think the Atoman / Black Owl story was over? No, my friends, it has only just begun.

Next month: What happened to Blackout, Dr. Frost, and Ghost Woman?

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