Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Super-Powered Prose: Voracious by Alice Henderson

In pretty much every way, Voracious is a modern horror movie put in novel format. I do not mean that as a slap in the face (although I often do find modern horror some what repetitive), but instead as an upfront statement about what kind of book this novel is.

It warrants inclusion on this page for two major reasons. One, its protaganist, Madeline Keye, possesses the power of psychometry (or more technically, tactile postcognition). She can touch objects and read the pasts of those who contacted them also.

Secondly, the shape-changing monster that wants her dead was once human.

Set in Glacier National Park (a location Alice Henderson obviously did a lot of research on), the story revolves around Madeline as she is trying to get away from the hectic life of being a reluctant psychic. Unfortunately for her, she stumbles in to a new role as victim for an ancient shape-shifting beast that wants to eat her very soul.

For nearly three hundred pages, the chase is on, as Madeline and her new companion Noah (a man with his own mysterious past) seek to survive the monster’s assault while also trying to find a way to kill the beast.

The novel is a steady stream of action and suspense as Madeline fights off the advances of her pursuer again and again, all while unlocking the mystery of the monster’s identity.

Voracious is an entertaining if not overly dense page-turner. It flows from scene to scene with grace, but never leaves the reader feeling tired. That adds up to give the novel a solid Recommendation.

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