Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Living Legends 23 Notes

We close out Living Legends for the year with the second part of our Christmas stories.

Big clue as to the identity of Dominique, one you might have already connected if you have been reading Tales of the Living Legends, our webcomic companion.

While working through a lot of the Golden Age comics I have downloaded (thumbs up to public domain download site Golden Age Comics), I stumbled across a second Captain Fearless, this one a powerless sea captain. I instantly realized even without his powers, Ernesto didn’t need to be retired. So watch for him to return to action in a subsequent chapter.

A little bit of fun with Ghost Woman and Green Lama. I have been digging through old Green Lama stories in the last few months, and the one thing that seems perfectly clear to me is that he may be one of the biggest dicks in Golden Age comics. Don’t get me wrong, he is still definitely a hero, but I do not really see the calm, collected Buddhist monk of his other modern interpretations. I have mellowed him a little (decades stuck in the Abyss Sphere would do that to any man), but I want to keep some of that spunk. This chapter really shows that.

Welcome to Christmas baby Gabriel Blake. The poor kid is going to have a hard life right from the start. We will get to that very soon, as we will come at you twice again next month.

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