Thursday, December 31, 2009

Metahuman Press Goes Print!

All right, folks! It is big announcement time! Today, Metahuman Press kicks off the New Year a day early with the debut of its first print edition! Over the next few months, we will release a few more print versions of our story. These join the print editions of T. Mike McCurley’s Firedrake and Robin Reed’s Power vs Power already available.

So what is our first release? Well, it’s the very first story ever to be published on Metahuman Press!

Buy Freedom Patton now! Click here!

I have brought Freedom Patton back online with the print edition of his first adventure, now subtitled “A Dangerous Place to Live”. The initial chapter has been revised and expanded and the entire story has been re-formatted for the printed page. All behind a snazzy cover and available through the fine, print-on-demand folks at Lulu for only $13.95! As economic times tighten, we encourage all our fans to start purchasing both our new print editions and the merchandise store. Help us continue to bring your favorite serialized fiction to the web by showing your support for the finest super-powered fiction on the web!

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