Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Out For Vengeance 9 Notes

This chapter starts the build-up to our first year bang-up with issue twelve that will in turn set up the big bad to finally reveal himself later in the year. I think this one came together quite nicely with a few good character points.

Gasman, sadly enough, took more time to name than a lot of characters so far. I wanted a character with a gas gun, but it took me hours before the mildly painful name came to me.

Having only recently revived Rulah, Jungle Goddess in the pages of Timeline, I have brought back another jungle girl in this chapter with Rima. Rima is a rather unique South American jungle character. In the public domain for some years, she first appeared in W.H. Hudson’s 1904 novel Green Mansions. (Read it here.) DC Comics gave her a book in the seventies and will soon revive their version in the pages of First Wave, but I thought my more mystic take would be fun for this chapter of Out For Vengeance.

After writing this, I really wanted my own combat spider monkey. Anyone else?

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