Thursday, February 11, 2010

Super-Powered Web: Axe Cop

Who is Axe Cop?

He is a police officer ... with an AXE!

Along with his constantly recruited team of intrepid adventurers of various size, shape, and powers, Axe Cop fights the evil of such villains as Uni-Baby, Psydrozon, and Telescope Gun Cop. Yes, an evil cop with a telescope gun!

I am sure to the untrained reader this may seem silly. Well, probably to the trained reader as well. But that’s pretty much the point. Axe Cop is silly fun. And it’s awesomeness owes everything to a five year old.

Inspired by the craziness his younger brother Malachai Nicholle creates when he sees him, artist Ethan Nicolle decided to take his stories and put them on a comic page. The result is a crazy wide even the fevered imaginations of the strangest comic fan would never create.

Marvel at the transformations of Flute Cop to Dinosaur Soldier and beyond!

Need help? That means it’s time to recruit the talents of Sockarang, Leaf-Man, or even A Wrestler!

I can tell you still have questions. That’s okay. You can just go and Ask Axe Cop!

No, I cannot really sum up in any really connotative way what makes Axe Cop so great. But he truly is one of the best blasts of fun ever given us by the power of the web. The only complaint I can give is that there isn’t more Axe Cop to love.

Everyone should go check him out today. Or he will bring his flying dinosaur with machine gun arms to get you.

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