Thursday, July 26, 2012

Of gods and men

Modern Gods
 looks to be shaping into another very solid Pulp Empire anthology. My own story has came together nicely and will serve as the first part of a serial that runs through the continued volumes of the book. I plan for the series to stretch four books (sales warranting) and I hope to form a strong new character over the course of those books. 

I've always had a fondness for mythology, whether it be Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse or Celtic. The stories of adventure and sex and violence still often inspire that childhood sense of adventure I had when I first learned of these ancient things that people worshiped hundreds or thousands of years ago. It is so easy to forget that these were once seen as deities, especially when you come across some of the stranger sorts. 

I chose a Greek goddess for my contribution, but her tale will almost certainly reach across the pantheons as the books continue. Her story forms a bit of an epic quest, which can serve as a bit of a challenge when placed in the modern world. It is all too easy to fall too close to Rick Riordan's stupendous work on Percy Jackson & the Olympians. Hopefully, my older and bit edgier take can keep it from being too close to that seminal piece of middle grade fiction. 

The real question right now is whether or not pulp fans will accept new tales of the ancient gods as true New Pulp. That will only come in September when this book sees print.

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