Thursday, July 5, 2012


I'm currently taking an extended vacation from Super Powered Fiction for the Fourth of July holiday, but I am hard at work on writing. I have a story due in just a few days for my own Modern Gods project, a book that should see publication sometime in September. I am quite excited by the new series, and I hope it turns out every bit as good as I think it will.

I also have a couple stories for Airship 27 in the works. The first is about a sixth of the way complete as I write this. It is coming together well and once done and sent in, I will go to work on the next project of theirs, which features a very good classic pulp favorite of mine.

Later this month, I should have two more Metahuman Press/Pulp Empire releases for everyone. More information on Aliens Among Us and The Changents should be coming your way soon.

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