Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Back from Florida and then some

Well, my wife and I’s weekend trip to Key West, Florida came to an end on Monday and I am finally catching up as of today. We had a fun little adventure which included some sight seeing, some hanging out with old and new friends, and our friend Jen’s wedding. Fun times were had by all, despite the fact that getting from Miami to Key West is a miserably slow trip, especially when you’re driving at night.

No internet at our hotel, so I had to spend most of Tuesday catching up on Comicon news. My top 5 news stories IMO:

1. Erik Larsen on new Captian Victory & Silver Star books
2. First look at Iron Man armor
3. SCUD's coming back!
4. Mark Waid joins BOOM Studios as Editor in Chief
5. Sylar is Spock!

Just my opinions, but that is where I stand. An honorable mention goes to Matt Wagner as he preps Madame Xanadu for later this year.

I hope to have Mean Streets underway sometime between now and this weekend so look out for that. After the first part goes up, expect it to update at an at least weekly basis. I hope to do more, but I promise at least once a week.

In exactly 5 minutes, I will hit 24 hours left on my vacation. It’s been fun, but I think I’m actually ready to get back to work. I may work at the only job in the world where I start to miss it when I am gone too long.

And I have to remember to update my Facebook profile, at least the map. Time to check off Florida.

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