Friday, August 31, 2007

More... finally

Yeah... so I’ve been slacking off again of late. No good excuse really, except maybe the kid going back to school which has just sapped away a lot of prime sleep time. Anyway, I will continue to strive to keep this updated regularly.

I found an artist for my first comic project: Arc! More info as it becomes available, as I want this to be a true winner. Wish me luck!

MAME is an evil, evil thing. But oh, so fun.

We’re having a little get together for the workers on my shift on Saturday morning. Should be fun stuff.

I probably will get out to The War this weekend. Got it done before the equally awesome looking Shoot ’em Up makes it to the theaters.

Watching The Office seasons 1 and 2 now in preparation for the release of season 3. How some people still haven’t started watching this show is beyond me. I really think it is “The Next Big Thing” in sitcom land.

More stuff later (hopefully!)

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