Wednesday, September 5, 2007

New story up! and more...

I have a new chapter of Epsilon up today, Chapter 9 to be exact. It is one of the best pieces of writing I have done in a while, so be sure to let a brother know what you think of it.

Arc, my new comic project is coming along quite nicely. I plan on having the first few previews up of it sometime in the near future as character designs are already nearly complete for the first issue.

I went out to a fun little dinner with my co-workers on the mid-shift on Saturday. We all went to Red Robin for a lovely little get together where we could shoot the shit unencumbered by the regular call-floor mentality. Would have been better if a certain supervisor who will remain nameless actually had shown up, but I digress...

And anyone who loves hamburgers should definitely check out the Whiskey River BBQ burger at Red Robin. Damn good stuff.

Labor Day was spent on my father and mother’s house in nearby Traer, where my wife, daughter, and I saw my brother for the first time since Easter. Not much of interest occured, although my brother and I had our usual debates on subjects ranging from politics to Star Wars. Fun time, and I hope for a longer visit come Christmas time.

I am working on a special story for the “fifth week” block at MP. As I am slowly rewriting the original Champion City novel, a ton of new characters are making their first appearance. Well, I am giving one of those characters a head start, so be prepared for the supernatural warrior Charon, coming your way on Halloween morning!

That is it for now. Everyone have a good day and such.

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