Friday, September 14, 2007

Arc really is coming

I should have more on my Arc comic project up some time next week. FYI, this page is now directly pointed to by my new comics project page: Evolution Comics. When I start posting news on the comic, it will lead directly to the comic specific posts. I am itching to show some of the great design sketches of Arc’s artist Jay Rainford-Nash, but you and I will both have to wait.

Arc should be ready by sometime in January 2008, when I will start shopping the title around to various publishers, both online and otherwise. If that should fail, I will market this puppy myself, by whatever means necessary. That is how much faith I have in this book. I set up to deal with themes not usually talked about in mainstream superhero comics, and that is what I plan to do.

What issues, you ask? Violence in school, teenage sexuality, authority gone bad, and the fall of Western civilization. Is that good enough for you?

More details coming soon, I promise.

In other news, Blockbuster surprised me by shipping one of my 3 movies a full 3 days before the estimated arrival time. A nice surprise, but wouldn’t accurate arrival times be an even better one?

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