Thursday, September 13, 2007

Netflix vs Blockbuster

So, I’ve been a regular Netflix customer for some months. But just as a whim, I decided to give Blockbuster a try. They have a pretty decent free trial period, even if they now limit their $18 plan to only 5 in store rentals a month. Unfortunately both for me and any hope Netflix might have of keeping me a customer, I apparently have to wait until Monday to get any of my DVDs.

Now two of the DVDs I’m getting aren’t all that common, but even so, I have doubts that it should take 3 days for them to come. And unlike Netflix, they aren’t even smart enough to tell me that they aren’t coming from the area shipping center. Or worse, I suppose, and it actually takes that long to get the movies here. Gamefly is as fast as that, and they ship everything from California. I would hope Blockbuster has more than one shipping center.

On top of that, it seems that, at least when it comes to the rating of movies, Blockbuster fans are absolute idiots. Honestly, who thinks Armageddon is worth 4 stars? Or The Island 3 1/2 while Unforgiven only gets 3 1/2 stars. Are you telling me that The Island is as good and Armageddon is better than a classic like Unforgiven. Really? Really? Yeah, really.

Anyway, I have two more weeks of the trial period and I will keep my eye on how well they do in their shipment. After all, all the movies I have been putting on my list, including various TNA and more obscure wrestler programs, and the late, lamented The Crow: Stairway to Heaven are still not available at Netflix. Great show BTW. I love Brandon Lee as the Crow, but Mark Dacascos re-imagining of Eric Draven was near perfection.

Anyway, Blockbuster is already fighting a losing effort. We’ll see if they can pull out a victory in act 3.

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