Wednesday, November 7, 2007


So I’m feeling better now. Not 100% by any stretch, but at least back on solid foods and holding everything down. Not quite so exhausted constantly either.

Yesterday I mentioned I had another project I was working on this month and it's made to coincide with a little thing called National Novel Writing Month (or Nanowrimo for short). The concept is pretty simple. You take all of November and try your best to write a complete novel in that month. I tried (and failed miserably) with an ill-conceived science fiction project last year, but this year I decided to stick with something a little more near and dear to my heart.

So I’m writing a little project called Champion City volume two.

Anyone who has actually been reading what I write since the Wei Empire days knows that Champion City was my first super-hero fiction project and introduced Freedom Patton along with a couple dozen other characters. I am already working on expanding and rewriting large chunks of that work to make it both more readable and more solid a piece of fiction. Volume one was literally my first fully realized piece of long fiction, and it definitely showed it in places. Hence, the revision.

But as I started the revision, I also realized I was ready to get the next project rolling and Nanowrimo was what it took to convince me. Seven days in and despite the illness I am already over thirty pages in. That’s all hand-written by the way. The goal is 50,000 words in one month which probably won’t even get me to the half-way point of my story as I am already a respectable 7500 words or so in. A little behind the curve, but I figure if I can even average half that every month after this, I could really start unleashing the insane flow of fiction floating in my head out upon the world.

Just a few thoughts on the subject. You can expect Champion City volume two to hit the main page some time next year, probably about the same time I bring the revised version of volume one (hopefully) to print.

And yeah, I really meant to mention this before the end of October so I could encourage everyone to give Nanowrimo a try. That being said, I personally don’t think Nanowrimo needs to be in November. Why not make every month your own personal Nanowrimo? It couldn’t hurt could it.

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