Saturday, March 15, 2008

Evolutionary and other Evolution Comics updates

So, I have begun work on what I hope will be my second comic project, this one a web-project I hope to self-publish in trade format as time goes on. Evolutionary will be something totally different from me as I am going to try my hand at a slice-of-life type story. The first book will be focused around a band called The Evolutionairies, but I see the book as being able to expand outward from there with subsequent tales. I am already having fun playing with my core group of 10 or so characters in the plotting process, and they are already developing in to a strong bunch. I am seriously loving the vibe I am getting from this one, so I am sure you will be hearing more from me on this one soon enough.

Arc is moving along briskly. I am slowly making my way through the script for issue three now, making some revisions on issue two (mostly for a "story within the story" that I don’t want to tell you anymore about). I will be posting a couple more pics of some of the characters you will see in the book fairly soon.

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