Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Epsilon 23 Notes

The traitor stands revealed and the final battle between Nephthys and Epsilon begins all in one chapter!

I planned Thief versus Air Raid since the beginning of the Epsilon story, and although it played out somewhat differently than I originally planned, I like the idea of the battle of the lost loves.

When I first determined the members of Nephthys’ Apostles, it never dawned on me how BIG this fight would need be. A battle involving over a dozen combatants comes off far more difficult in prose than it does in your average super-team book. I hope I handled it as well. Though busy, a lot of people needed to be taken out of this story before I felt it sufficient to come to an end.

One of my goals is to really up some of the Epsilon 3.0 characters and get them ready for a more full-fledged status on the changing team. I think Wave and Solid do pretty well in this chapter. I really like the dichotomy of these two characters and I definitely plan to utilize them a lot more after this story comes to an end.

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