Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mean Streets 5 Notes

Most of this story is recycled material from the original (defunct because it was a bad idea) blog version of Mean Streets.

Tee and Ay are probably two of my favorite characters I have created in this book. I actually remember getting the names from two assassins killed in an issue or two of Wolverine back in the day. I just thought the names were far too awesome to not use, and the adult themes floating around Mean Streets seemed to be perfect for them.

I also love naming characters in this series. I actually was inspired by Robert Kirkman’s Invincible in a lot of the naming scheme. His characters Atom Eve, Rex Splode, Shrinking Ray, etc. inspired the naming scheme of characters like Jack Flash, Johnny B. Goode, Bob Cat, Death Ray, and my favorite, the upcoming KaTanya.

The opening (the only wholly new part of this story) continues my introduction of a new super team, all characters that will become central to the Mean Streets storyline before it comes to an end. I am almost finished with these intros before I start revealing a few more details about these characters as they join the story as a whole. My plan is to finish Streets up before the end of 2009, but I may just spin these folks off in to their own separate story. I have lots of writing plans ahead of me first though, so I will take a wait and see on that. More on the “italic” characters after I finish off their intros.

Have a Happy New Year everyone!

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