Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Living Legends 12 Notes

This chapter of Living Legends continues in the current vein of four very different storylines all going in their different directions. This will continue for the next couple chapters at least before I finally start pulling some of the disparate threads together. Unlike Heroes I do have an overarching idea where this is going. It’s just taking a little longer than I thought to get there. Sometimes characters take on a life of their own, and just need more space.

The Ghost Woman and friends thread has closed for a couple months with the battle between London and Golden Amazon. I won&8217;t reveal details as to why, but I will say it will bring about the return of another Living Legend.

Dart and Ace are two characters that have really grown on me as the story begins. When I first started Legends, I thought of Dart as an out and out piece of garbage, but as I continue to write him I realize that he is a more complicated character than my one-sided initial character study. He is still a self-absorbed son of a bitch though.

Chance and the Purge storyline won’t return for a couple months either as another storyline is rising up that will push it mostly to the wayside. Purge does play a major part of a major reveal though, and will serve to introduce a planned spin-off book very soon. American Crusader will do a lot in the coming months as Atoman returns to these pages.

Black Owl and Terri are interesting characters to me as well, maybe the most interesting in the series to me at this moment. Perhaps it’s the whole married aspect; I’t not really sure. But I like ’em.

I’m still curious to see what everyone thinks about this story&8217;s honestly massive cast and the somewhat disjointed story-telling. Is it working? Is it not? Give me some comments and let me know.

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Matthew K. said...

Hey Nick- just checked out your blog and website for the first time. I immediately added both to my favorites because I get what your doing. I'm kinda new to the blogosphere so I'm still learning what's out there. Like you, I'm using my interest in superhero comics as inspiration for fiction. I'll check in on your sites as often as possible. Cheers!