Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Complete Clone Saga Part 3: The Exile Returns

The Exile Returns starts with a visit to the museum by the spider-clone, as for the first time he seems ready to restart a life. But he’s not sure how to go about it, until he rescues a suicidal woman jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge. He realizes that he still feels the calling to be a hero. He designs a new costume, all red with a blue spider-styled vest, and exposed webshooters. Meanwhile, Venom is back in town...

...and Clone Spidey seems to think its a good idea to confront him, despite the fact he doesn’t seem to be hurting anyone (this is his lethal protector period after all). The clone battles Venom, but the fight is derailed by the arrival of the Female Symbiote from the first Venom limited series. The clone comes to terms with his issues over not being “human” and saves an innocent bystander. The reporter he confronted about info on Venom, Ken Ellis, dubs the new hero the Scarlet Spider, but Venom still waits to confront the new hero!

The injured Scarlet Spider is rescued and dragged to a hospital by one Gabrielle Greer who gets him to a hospital in time. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure named Kaine is attacked by criminals and uses his acidic touch to leave one of them dead. And Venom battles the female symbiote, nearly kiling her, until the Scarlet Spider arrives just in time for a battle...

And the Scarlet Spider takes a chance to whine for a bit again. But he drops the whine in order to fight back against Venom. Meanwhile, a new villain, the Grim Hunter (son of Kraven), arrives with plans against Spider-Man. Kaine watches the fight finish between Scarlet Spider and Venom. Eddie Brock unconscious, the symbiote tries to bond with the Scarlet Spider, but he fights back. With his victory, the Spider feels a new level of confidence... unaware of the forces moving around him.

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