Saturday, May 2, 2009

Super-Powered TV: Heroes 3.25: An Invisible Thread

Welcome back to my rather late post on the final episode of Heroes for season three as well as my two hundredth post on Take the Helm. Thanks again for everyone reading!

We start with half a dozen replays of where we left off, all set to a Mohinder voice-over. Clair and Angela are slowed down by a need to sneak in to the city after a roadblock. When they get in to town, Angela leaves to fulfill her dream by finding Matt Parkman.

Sylar uses his shape-changing to frame Danko for murder and take care of his credibility. Claire confronts Sylar-Nathan (lets just call him S-N) who uses his powers to imitate Nathan to perfection, so much so he convinces Claire. Or does he? Claire and S-N head to the White House, but small ticks make Claire suspicious.

Nathan wakes up alone in the bathroom. Peter finally shows up a few hours too late.

Noah has a confrontation with Danko in the conference room. They discuss the natures of their failures, only to be frozen in time together.

Hiro and Ando watch Building 26 secure Danko and discuss Hiro’s power problems. Inside the Building, Hiro continues to have bleeding issues. But they rescue Suresh (again) from captivity. They connect everyone active in to the facility to the sleeper units instead. Hiro freezes time again to rescue Noah, even after Mohinder’s warning. He collapses in the aftermath as Noah runs off. Noah calls Claire, but Sylar takes the phone and transforms in to Claire to answer. Sylar seems to have the Puppetman’s powers as he taunts Claire (although I suppose this may be his telekinesis at work and her just going along with it).

Nathan and Peter arrive and attack Sylar, as Claire sits in the hallway only able to watch as things fly inside. In the aftermath she heads back inside to see scorched ground, flames, and a lot of damage. Claire runs off with Peter. Sylar and Nathan return, and Sylar cuts Nathan’s throat. Nathan bleeds out in his chair, dead. (A season finale tradition, maybe this time for real.)

Parkman meets up with Angela outside and they find Nathan’s corpse.

S-N attacks the chief of staff, takes his place, and goes after President Worf. He uses his new form to climb in to the car with the president. But the president isn’t who he thinks he is. Peter stabs Sylar with the knockout drug and they take him back upstairs.

Noah, Angela, and Matt are faced with a hard choice: transforming Sylar, alter his memories completely, and use him as a replacement for the late Nathan Petrelli. Matt realizes he has little choice and starts to erase Sylar’s identity and replace it with Nathan. Sylar’s body spasms in the aftermath before it transforms in to that of Nathan. Nathan Petrelli awakes, unaware of his previous identity.

In the aftermath, the new Nathan burns the false Sylar’s body as all the other members of our cast watch on. Nathan sets up a new Company with the President, and Noah is placed in charge. A hurting Hiro leaves with Ando, his problems still unresolved. And Noah once again lies to Claire about the nature of S-N.

Volume Five “Redemption” opens six weeks later. A Building 26 agent returns home, finds water overflowing in his house. Water that slowly but surely reforms in to the body of Tracy Strauss. She proceeds to drown the agent, apparently her fourth victim. Angela visits Nathan at his office, but Nathan doesn’s feel right about himself. He looks at a clock behind a glass case, and realizes it isn’t running at the right speed, as a worried Angela looks on.

A definitely unique finish to the season, one that definitely has the feeling of Bryan Fuller on it as opposed to Jeph Loeb. The show seems ready to set its cast out in to new directions, which is something desperately needed in Heroes. I am a little disappointed by the lack of Claude in this episode, the ‒invisible” in the title got my hopes up, apparently for nothing.

Everyone enjoy their summer free of my less than regular updates, and the Heroes posts will return next season!

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