Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Out For Vengeance 1 Notes

Out For Vengeance is one of those ideas I have had floating in my head literally for years. The main inspiration behind it comes from Alan Moore and his utterly stunning twenty-or-so issue run on Supreme from Maximum Press and Awesome Entertainment. The idea of taking one of the basic archetypes of super-powered storytelling and turning it in to something new and vital... the concepts started flying willy-nilly after that.

I actually created the character of Vengeance in high school. Back then he was just a hodge-podge of the Punisher and Batman, and more than slightly based on the Ultraverse character Night Man. I took the name and a few supporting cast members and moved them in to New Salem. I left everything else by the wayside.

The concept of using both Black Terror and Black Fury as the basis for Vengeance came out of Living Legends. Of all the bigger name public domain characters, I had yet to find a roll for the Terror that worked for me. Finally it hit me how well the character would actually mesh with Vengeance. And don’t you worry, Tim will be on his way soon enough.

I rewrote A New Beginning multiple times. It still doesn’s feel like it quite gets done everything a first chapter of a serial should get done, but I think it serves as an intriguing introduction to our first two players. Amy Evans is going to play an important role in the future of this series, so keep an eye on her.

In the meantime, enjoy Out For Vengeance and let us know what you think here or at the forums!

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