Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dollhouse 1.13: Epitaph One

Before we get to the review of the first episode of Dollhouse season 2 this weekend, we need to take a look at the missing episode “Epitaph One”.

Ten years in a future, the world is a disaster. We seem to be following a small group of survivors as they try to escape a bunch of crazy people turned monsters called butchers. They stumble from one underground hiding hole to another and as we open, we stumble upon the Dollhouse.

Apparently, somehow just about everyone has been wiped in to some kind of killing machine. They implant a wiped man in their band, apparently with one of Adele’s memory. We follow that with a look at Topher’s first day on the job.

In 2019, the little girl goes to the bathroom while her escort stops to use a well-needed shower. She of course lets her guard down and gets knocked down by her own flashlight.

Our next flashback comes post episode 1.12, with Ballard as her agent. But Echo somehow maintains her own intelligence post-implant.

In the past/present, Boyd and Dr. Saunders discuss Langdon’s leaving of the facility.

In the future, we find Whiskey/Claire acting more than a little crazy. She asks them if they are looking for Safe Haven, which is apparently another legend in the post-mindwipe-land.

We learn that Mr. Ambrose, a higher-up at Rossum, has changed the rules of actives. He has imprinted himself to Victor’s mind, apparently permanently.

In the future, Iris murders Griff, the group’s leader, and plants the gun on her brain-wiped “dad”.

In the past-present, Adele resurrects Dominic in to the mind-wiped world of the future. They find that Caroline has the answers. Sierra and Victor have a heart to heart in the past (in their real identities).

In the future, Zone is stupid enough to give the kid a gun. They learn Iris is an imprint. But Zone already knew because of the birthmark tattoo.

In the past, the group at the Dollhouse seem to have gained an almost religious furor in the post-mess world. Topher has went quite insane. He explains a way to make pre-programmed warriors through a phone call and realizes he had already done it. Caroline and Ballard arrive minutes later.

As a kid, Caroline agrees to lead the survivors to Safe Haven. Whiskey stays behind even as the butchers arrive on a mad rampage. They escape up the elevator shaft while Whiskey turns on some kind of gas failsafe. The episode ends with Zone, Mag, and the new Caroline setting out for Safehaven from Adele’s office.

An interesting episode to say the least, with Felicia Day and Zack Ward putting on excellent performances as Mag and Zone. With this not being the final episode as planned and only a DVD extra, it will now be interesting to see what it will mean for season 2 of Dollhouse. Joss says Felicia Day will be back next season though, so I suppose we will have to wait and see. As I think about, I personally wonder if the future narrative may not prove a far more fulfilling story to tell in the long run. We will see as things get kicking tomorrow with “Vows”.

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