Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Super-Powered TV: Heroes 4.3: Ink

“Ink” opens with a un-narrated montage followed by cryptic plans told by Samuel to Lydia.

Parkman has problems with Sylar in his mind, but Sylar uses Matt’s powers to keep him safe. But only after harassing Parkman during a drug bust. Parkman finds a stuffed animal by the toilet. Sylar hints that something worse is happening at the residence. Only problem is that all of it is a plant by Sylar. In the end, Parkman has to use his powers to keep from losing his career after he beats down a suspect. In the end, Sylar makes an ultimatum about the future.

We meet a woman with some kind of audio processing disorder. Peter meets her, but the conversation gives us no real information. Her name is Emma (played by Deanne Bray, a mostly deaf actress) visits her doctor who tells her she is synesthetic, able to view sounds as a kind of light. The doctor counsels her to actually get back to work as a doctor herself, instead of her job in the records department. In Central Park, Emma uses the audio-lights to perfectly play a cello. Peter comes to watch, but she runs away before he can speak with her.

Claire gets a visit from dad, but Gretchen throws herself in to the lunch-date the two have set. Claire does manage to convince dad that she can handle the situation with Gretchen. Gretchen hints at her past as a bulimic. Claire decides to come clean with her new friend. Claire invites Gretchen to become her roommate.

Peter leaves his meeting with Emma to confront a man who has sued him, only to find it is an incognito Samuel. Samuel does his best to set up Peter, going as far as to break in to his house and alter the photo in his montage. Samuel agrees to drop the charges and goes back to his family home. No one will let him in so he takes his vengeance with his powers, which are apparently earth-related. (Apparently in the world of Heroes all ink contains dirt.) Peter and his partner show up after the disaster, and a tattoo of the compass appears on Peter’s wrist as the show comes to an end.

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