Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Super-Powered Web: Superhero goes MMA!

Anyone from the ages of about eighteen and thirty probably remember Jason David Frank. Don’t recognize the name? Does the name Tommy Oliver mean more to you? No? Okay, here’s a pic.

Jason David Frank,Power Rangers,MMA

That would be him in his Power Rangers Zeo outfit. He wore multiple costumes:

Red Ranger,Power Rangers,Jason David Frank,Green Ranger,White Ranger

And even joined one of the more recent incarnations, Power Rangers: Dino Thunder as the Black Ranger (that is actually him as the Black Ranger talking to his other identities in the picture above).

So, Jason David Frank has definitely had his experience as part of the superhero community. No one else can say they wore four different Ranger costumes, nor has anyone served longer as a Ranger. But those days are behind him.

Jason David Frank is now an MMA fighter. Let me repeat that: Tommy the Power Ranger is now an MMA fighter. And before you laugh, before you say anything mocking, take a look at the guy:

Jason David Frank, MMA fighter

He takes his martial arts seriously. He’s been at it since his pre-teen years and has openly developed a style he calls Tose Kune Do. He is a Bruce Lee follower (hence the similarity to Bruce’s Jeet Kune Do) and has based the style (translated “Way of the Fighting Fists”) on traditional disarmament techniques. How it plays in an MMA ring remains to be seen.

In addition he is one of the co-owners of a new line of MMA clothes with the truly awesome name Jesus Didn’t Tap. I will be sure to run an update when more information emerges about his first fight.

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