Monday, April 12, 2010

Pulp-Powered Comics: Batman/Doc Savage Special

This book seemed to have a simple goal: introduce the readers to the First Wave version of Batman a few months before the first issue of First Wave hits the stands. If it happened to reintroduce Doc Savage to the masses more the better.

With words by Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets) and art by Phil Noto (Jonah Hex), the series definitely has a quality pedigree. But despite Noto’s lovely art, Azzarello’s story goes from feeling a little slow early on to rushed by its conclusion.

The two heroes find themselves at cross purposes, but quickly form a working relationship of sorts, not all that far removed from that of mainline DC’s Bruce Wayne and another guy named Clark. What it fails to do is give a solid lead in to the upcoming First Wave series.

Thankfully, the preview art I presented on this site a few months ago follows the initial story as a teaser. First Wave only started last month, but expect a review of the first two issues later this month. Meanwhile, Batman / Doc Savage Special is Mildly Recommended.

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