Thursday, June 10, 2010

Official Handbook to the Quadrant Universe: Freedom Patton

As a preview of the characters starring in the upcoming series Long, Hot Summer I am taking a look at the origins and histories of some of the main players. Thanks to Fabrica De Herois for their designer used to make the illustrations in this and subsequent posts. We start with Freedom Patton, the character that's story originally opened Metahuman Press. 

Real Name: Freedom Patton
Aliases: Frank Palahniuk, Mick Foley, Wayne Pilgrim
Identity: Public. The general public is unaware of Patton’s heroic activities.
Citizenship: United States of America
Place of Birth: Denison, Texas
Known Relatives: George S. Patton (alleged grand-uncle), Dwight D. Eisenhower (alleged grand-uncle)
Group Affiliation: partner of Libertad
Education: High school graduate.
First Appearance: Freedom Patton: A Dangerous Place to Live (chapter one)

Born on the 4th of July, the young Freedom Patton’s parents were both career military. The family moved from town to town throughout his youth, rarely staying in one place for more than a year or two. Because of the constant moving, Freedom rarely made friends. He quickly learned to close himself off from those around him, while still putting on an air of cool bravado. He quickly developed a bad boy image wherever he went, but despite the image he excelled in his high school education.
Upon graduation, Freedom left his family’s home and moved to Springfield, Illinois. He quickly fell in with a young woman named Leah while working in a fast food restaurant. The relationship was rocky from the start and was further strained by an unplanned pregnancy followed by a miscarriage.
Just a few months after his twenty-first birthday, Freedom was at work during the attack on the World Trade Center. Upon the first explosions, Freedom collapsed on the job. Hundreds of voices suddenly flooded his head. Despite all indications to the contrary, Freedom became the new Spirit of America (see Patriot). After escaping confinement at a local asylum, he set out to answer the calling and went to New York City.
In New York, he quickly fell in to a situation that mirrored his life in Illinois. He met and started a relationship with a psychic social worker named Iniri Granatella (see Granatella, Iniri). With her help, he got a job clearing rubble near ground zero. He soon ran afoul of a foreman with criminal ties named Vincent Santangelo. Accountant Frank Giordano embezzled millions of money belonging to crime boss Michael Santangelo, Vin’s uncle. Frank died when Tower One exploded. Freedom answers Frank’s call at a strip club, when he rescues two young women named Renet Ng and Eriko Tanaka from mob assassins. Renet and Frank had a relationship before his death, and Santangelo targeted her for the money. Freedom confronted the Santangelo crime family and the murderous rampage of Vin. He rescued Iniri and Renet from Vin, but not before he killed Eriko. His life in New York in shambles, he set out across the United States to answer the calls of the dead.
During his travels he ran afoul of federal marshal Joseph Edward Tilby (see Tilby, J.E.). Tilby hunted him across several states before he went too far and lost his badge.
Later Freedom teamed with the military-created metahuman Defcon 4 (see Defcon 4) to battle a crime ring in Denver. The two would become fast friends until Defcon betrayed him to the city’s crime boss. Defcon would disappear from the city. Freedom would survive the trap and eliminate the crime boss despite the criminal’s best efforts to the contrary.
When Defcon joined the Supergeneration (see Supergeneration) in Federation (see Champion City), Freedom followed him. He would quickly become embroiled in a battle with Supergen leader Powerhouse (see Powerhouse) over the Signet Stone (see Signet Stone of Nyarlothep). He would form an allegiance with Backoff and later Legend (see Backoff, Legend) as well as several other local heroes to defeat Powerhouse and expose the criminal empire he secretly controlled. But it came at the cost of Backoff’s life. After a vicious argument with Legend, Freedom left the city.
He would start on foot across Iowa, but would soon find himself in conflict with the domestic terrorist group known as the World (see World, The). He reunited with Iniri to rescue a young woman named Annabelle Montalvo. Along with now-Sheriff Tilby, they exposed the presence of the World in several small towns across the state. During her captivity, Annabelle was exposed to steroid-based drugs derived from the blood of Liberator, the twisted son of the Patriot (see Liberator). After the defeat of the World’s plans and the apparent death of their leader Atlas (see Atlas), Annabelle Montalvo would join him on the road as Libertad (see Libertad).
The pair continued to adventure across the country for the next year, though those adventures remain largely unknown.

Height: 5’ 10”      Weight: 182 lbs.
Eyes: Blue             Hair: Brown (usually dyed)

Possessed by the Spirit of America, Freedom Patton can hear the voices of all American martyrs, no matter the reason for their demise. Most of these martyrs will depart for the other side quite quickly, but occasionally a spirit will hold on and force Freedom in to action. He can resist such compulsions for a limited period of time, but continued resistance will cause sickness, possibly even death.
The spirits also give him a degree of protection, as they will warn him of dangers surrounding him, even if Freedom can’t see or detect it normally. As the carrier of the Spirit of America, he also has enhanced agility and dexterity, as well as strength and endurance at peak human levels.
He carries twin .45s, inspired by the old radio shows he often listens to on the road. In his hand, the guns rarely need to be reloaded do to the Spirit’s protection. However, anyone else using the guns will empty the weapon of ammunition. Once empty, Freedom will have to reload the weapons in order to continue using them.
Freedom’s travels over the last nine years have taught him numerous survival and combat skills. Further training with former mystery man Hit Higgins increased his basic fighting prowess. In addition, he can sometimes call on specific spirits to help him complete tasks which they possess knowledge about.

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