Monday, June 21, 2010

Official Handbook to the Quadrant Universe: The Sword

The second man to take the name of the Sword is Lance Larter, the sidekick to the former hero. He first popped up at the beginning of Living Legends, but he only made his second appearance as we flashback to his story in the last chapter of the same story. As Living Legends goes on hiatus, he moves in to these pages on a new quest to save his friends.

Real Name: Lance Larter
Aliases: The Lance, The Lancer
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: United States of America
Place of Birth: Lakeville, Minnesota
Known Relatives: none
Group Affiliation: former partner of the Sword I
Education: High school graduate
First Appearance: Super Mystery Comics vol.3 #4, (modern) Living Legends: The Return (chapter one)

In his early teens, Lance Larter discovered that his friend Arthur Lake secretly held the legendary sword Excalibur. Arthur used the blade to battle local criminals as The Sword (see Sword I). When Sword ran in to trouble, Lance was granted the power to become the Lancer, a similar attired sidekick to his friend. With his magic lance, he assisted his friend in battling numerous supernatural threats to Lakeville.
Lance and Arthur would eventually join the Mystery Army (see Mystery Army) to battle the forces of Nazi Germany in Europe. Among the contingent of mystery men on the team, secret identities were a nonissue. His name shortened to Lance among the Mystery Army, a name that stuck upon their return to America.
In 1947, Sword and Lance joined a contingent of mystery men to travel to Brazil and attack a Nazi stronghold. During the attack, the mystery men were transported seventy years in to the future. Upon arrival in the modern day, Sword instantly grew sick. With the aid of a reborn Merlin, Lance took Sword to Avalon (see Avalon) to meet the Lady of the Lake.
He learned that his friend and the one true King Arthur were both poisoned by the magic of long-time foe Faye Morgana (see Morgana, Faye). The Lady of the Lake granted him Excalibur’s sister blade Caliburn and sent him out in to the world to find a cure.

Height: 6’              Weight: 181 lbs.
Eyes: Blue             Hair: Blonde

Sword possesses the mystical blade Caliburn, sister of King Arthur’s Excalibur. He can summon the blade with just a thought, and upon its appearance he is covered in silver and blue chainmail. Both the blade and armor are nearly impenetrable, though blunt force trauma can still cause the Sword much distress.
Much like Excalibur, Caliburn is reputed to have numerous secret abilities. The Sword has yet to unlock these powers however, and their nature remains to be seen.

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