Sunday, June 20, 2010

Official Handbook to the Quadrant Universe: Libertad

Libertad is the weakest character art-wise from this upcoming project, as Fabrica De Herois. But she is one of the character’s I am most looking forward to writing. While Annabelle Montalvo was a major player throughout Freedom Patton, this will be the first time I am writing her as a full-fledged superhero. I get to develop the hero / sidekick relationship between her and Freedom as well. It should be fun.


Real Name: Annabelle Montalvo
Aliases: None
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: United States of America
Place of Birth: Marshalltown, Iowa
Known Relatives: Jeannie Cruz (mother, deceased), Aurelio Montalvo (father)
Group Affiliation: partner of Freedom Patton
Education: High school dropout
First Appearance: Freedom Patton: A Dangerous Place to Live (chapter one)

Born to a high school dropout and an illegal immigrant, Annabelle Montalvo’s life started out on rocky footing. Her mom developed a drug habit when Annabelle was a small child. After her father left the family to return to Mexico, Annabelle ended up with social services. Her mother would wind up in jail on drug charges just a few months later.
Annabelle grew up in a variety of foster homes across the state of Iowa. By the time she became a teenager, Annabelle’s mother had served her sentence and got clean. But despite her mother’s best efforts, Annabelle remained in foster care in the small town of Tudor.
Her foster parents were good, but uncaring people. She started a relationship with Richie Williams, the town bad-boy. She helped Richie stay straight in school, even though both found themselves on the outs in the insular community.
The two teenagers stumbled upon a meeting of the World’s local faction with the group’s leader, Atlas (see Atlas). Richie showed up late for their liaison and was captured by the twisted super-patriot Liberator (see Liberator). She could only watch from her hiding place as Richie’s father, the town’s mayor, murdered his son in cold blood. She ran away from the city shortly after.
Agents of the World pursued her across southern Iowa. She would eventually be captured by Liberator and subjected to experiments based on his steroid-enhanced blood. Though all previous test subjects died as a result, Annabelle somehow survived. In the process she gained increased strength and endurance to match Liberator’s own.
She would soon be rescued by Freedom Patton and his allies (see Patton, Freedom). She used her new powers to aid them in defeating the World’s plans to take control of the state of Iowa. In the aftermath of the battle, she decided to join Freedom as he continued to travel across the country, in the hopes of learning more about using her new powers for good.

Height: 5’ 4”         Weight: 142 lbs.
Eyes: Brown         Hair: Black

Libertad’s muscle mass is far denser than a normal human. This grants her increased endurance. She suffers only surface burns from most small arms fire. Her strength is also greatly increased. She can bench approximately 1.5 tons though continued exertion will result in muscle fatigue and exhaustion.
She has received limited hand-to-hand combat training from Freedom Patton, though she seems to be a natural brawler.

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