Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Ice Storm

I’m definitely not Tobey Maguire (though I wouldn’t mind having even a fraction of his money), but I am buried under an ice storm today. Hannah stayed home from school and I thanked my lucky stars I don’t have to go to work tonight.

We got about an inch of ice on the groud, power lines falling everywhere, and to cap everything else, I am sick as a dog. Coughing, hacking, and otherwise feeling miserable have been the name of the game for me. Thankfully, Hannah can entertain herself for the most part, so except for a few trips out of the room to eat and to type this, I have spent most of the day asleep or at least resting. Got a lot of reading done to, and finally caught up with my comic purchases from last week, just in time to go buy more tomorrow.

What made it even grander was that my last night at work, both of my coworkers called in sick. Here I am thinking that with an ice storm on the way I don’t want to be the guy calling in, and here are both the girls coming off their weekends leaving my sick butt working alone. Not fun that was for sure, but me and the supervisors made it through mostly unscathed.

Speaking of comics above, this was a pretty good week: Ultimate X-Men continued beautifully Kirkman's quest to recraft 90’s X-history in to a coherent saga, The Sword finally got going, Ultimates 3 was beautiful if a little thin on the story end. Kabuki The Alchemy ended well, with most of the story starring David Mack BTW. Suburban Glamour followed in the Ultimates vein, pretty if a little weak on story. Still one of my favorite new comics came out with its third issue as well: The Ninety-Nine. Fabian Nicieza really is a great writer, even if he is vastly under-respected for his dark X-past.

Re-reading The Golden Compass now before I go see the movie. I have seen good reviews and bad reviews, but as long as we get some polar bear ass-kickery I’ll be happy.

And that’s about all the digressions I have for today.

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