Sunday, December 23, 2007

Snow Storm Take ... I don't know, four now? Something like that.

Anyway, we have yet more snow here in Eastern Iowa to celebrate the weekend with, and to top it off we also have blowing conditions. So most of that last minute Christmas shopping will be done on Christmas Eve, at least as far as the Ahlhelm family is concerned.

All in all we had a pretty good weekend though. My daughter continued her quest to conquer Lego Star Wars on the PS2, my wife finished a few books, I got some Fate-playing and Living Legends-writing done on the computer, and we all sat down to watch the excellent new game show Duel have its finale tonight on ABC. Great show with an awesome concept: out of the twenty-four contestants, one of the people is actually going to win the money! You don’t see that too much, especially when the prize is upwards of two million bucks. (I believe the final total was $1,795,000.) If it should return (and with the writer/studio situation the way it currently is it probably will), I highly recommend any lover of quiz shows should check it out.

Finally sat down and watched Eragon with the family this weekend as well. Yeah, so I didn’t really care for the book all that much, but reading it I often thought that it would make a pretty decent movie if they cut out a lot of the crap. I guess Hollywood wanted to prove me wrong. Just a terrible film. All the wrong things were left in and all the right things were cut. The characters had no emotional connections whatsoever and everything pretty much fell flat on its face.

Something about the ad campaign really has me itching for the return of Law & Order. Maybe because there's nothing else coming up for TV anytime soon? I’m not sure, but I will be watching it.

I am actually typing this at my job in our break room right now, about an hour before my actual shift begins. After going to all the trouble of digging out my car, I really did not want to sit around the house and fall asleep, probably while the snow blows back over. So I’m here too dang early, and I guess I might as well enjoy some web-time.

And that is just about enough random thoughts for now. Ciao for now, folks.

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