Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Out For Vengeance 6 Notes

This issue I went a different route with two flashbacks, one starring the original Rancor, one starring Vengeance.

Several important elements get introduced in this chapter: the aforementioned original Rancor, Jack O’Lantern, Phoenix Fire, and the Flannery clan. All will play important roles in upcoming chapters, starting with Amanda Flannery next month.

Robert’s flashback concludes his battle with Kimiko in the past and establishes more of the history between the two characters. We will see a lot more of it pop up as our first couple arcs progress.

Andre is an interesting character. As a mix of an angry street kid and a would-be hero trying to do his father’s legacy proud. Over the next few chapters, he will form a reluctant bond with Vengeance and prove to be one of the series’ most important characters.

Next month, we will see Amanda Flannery make her first appearance and learn more of the mystery of Vengeance’s lost memories.

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