Monday, October 12, 2009

Super-Powered TV: Dollhouse 2.3: Belle Chose

We open the episode with an apparent psychopath who is using drugs to turn people in to some kind of living manikin. But on a search for a replacement for the one he kills, he gets hit by a car.

We find out that the man is the son of a major shareholder of Rossum and Topher is being made to try to remap his brain after his head injury. Topher detects the abnormality in his brain, and even he has ethical objections to reviving a serial killer. The decision is made to revive him in a doll (Victor) in order to learn the whereabouts of his missing victims.

Meanwhile Echo’s mission seems to be going off without a hitch.

Ballard grills Terry/Victor about the crimes committed.

The uncle breaks Terry free, but Terry knocks him out and leaves. Ballard goes out in search of Terry. Terry meanwhile is searching for a new Aunt Sheila. But an attempt at a remote wipe fails. Instead, they knock the entire system offline and switch the brain scans around. Terry ends up in the body of Echo.

Echo returns to Terry’s lair and sets out to kill the victims, but her brain snaps as she raises a cricket racket to strike. Echo warns the victims to kill her before she starts to hurt them again. They are ready to kill her when the team arrives to stop them and take Echo in to custody.

But even after her treatment, Echo shows signs of retaining his personality as she has dozens of others.

An interesting premise this week, although one perhaps somewhat far fetched. While there has to be some suspension of disbelief for a show like this, it does stretch even the science of the show to have us believe that they can transfer two personalities i the field as they did this week. Or maybe it doesn’t, and I am just knit-picking. I will say this season has offered us more consistently solid episodes than last season did at this point. We clearly seem to be continuing on the slow burn to the future images shown in Epitaph One, but Joss and company seem quite able to make the ride more exciting than the stop.

Next time (in two weeks): “Belonging”.

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