Thursday, October 22, 2009

Super-Powered TV: Heroes 4.6: Tabula Rasa

I am going to take a different tact with this episode of Heroes. While I cannot promise no spoilers, I am going to focus the review less on a recap and more on my thoughts about individual events as the show progresses. Let me know what you think.

“:Tabula Rasa” opens with the regular recap scenes and another rather random Samuel speech. At least he isn’t Mohinder. No one wants that kind of narration again.

Why is Peter using the powers that are killing Hiro to try to save him? That seems rather foolish to me.

Is it me, or does Noah seem to be keeping the entire company’s file system unsecured on his laptop? That seems to be a global catastrophe waiting to happen.

The Jeremy subplot feels a little out of the place with the current flow of this season. I honestly think we have seen too many one or two appearance powers at this point.

Emma and Hiro make a rather interesting combination. Hiro’s never-ending optimism fits perfectly with her paranoia. Although I am a bit confused as to how Hiro knows even the sign for applause in ASL. It is American Sign Language. Why would he ever learn that?

Sylar sees his memories, but apparently still doesn’t connect with them. He is dangerously close to becoming an utterly broken character this season.

Please don’t bring back Charlie!

Hiro disappears before he returns to his bed. While it is an overly easy way out of a quick cure for the character, it is almost too simple. And I will reiterate, please don’t bring back Charlie. The book was bad enough, but we are going to apparently cover this base one more time. Heaven help us.

Oh and that is three weeks now without a Parkman appearance. Can we please get back to him and evil phantom Sylar some time soon? This episode was completely all over the place and continues a seeming need to focus only on what have become the writers’ three crutches: Peter, Hiro, and Sylar.

We will see what happens with next week’s episode: “Strange Attractors”.

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