Friday, June 8, 2007

Summer is here... yippee...

It has been anything but an easy week, as my revised overnight schedule kicks in, and with that, my days of beautuful dreaming and sleeping goes with it. It is summer once more, and that means many more days at home with my darling seven year old daughter. Hannah is a lovely child, and (so far) has been a wonderfully behaved child, but trying to stay up most of the day with her is an utter drain on the sleep schedule.

Coupled with the fact that the more I watch her, the more I see Amy Poehler’s grade school character from Saturday Night Live. All I need is my daughter yelling “Rick! Rick” and not “Daddy! Daddy!” and the image would be perfect.

With the lack of sleep over the past few days, the urge to much of anything has went down the tubes. I find myself spending way too much time playing The Sims 2 and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and not nearly enough time on things like writing and creating.

My writing has been going so-so at best because of it, although I’m still hammering out new chapters of Epsilon at work. The revised Champion City is a bit delayed however, as I am working to catch up on both Epsilon and Freedom Patton while also working on my first comic project for Evolution Comics called Out For vengeance (© and ™ 2007 Nicholas Ahlhelm. All rights reserved. Just to make it clear.) Once I finish the first issue, I plan on starting my search for an artist to bring the book to life. My plans are to launch it in early 2008 which should give the project plenty of lead time.

Hopefully, I will get back to the reviews I want to start posting on this site in the near future, and I do promise to keep updating this page at the very least once a week or so.

For now, g’day all.

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