Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A tragedy for wrestling...and maybe a wake up call

As a lot of people know, I am a wrestling fan. And now with actual facts coming to light, I feel I have to come out with a few words on the death of Chris Benoit.

This makes me sick with anger and rage, but mostly sadness. The fact that we may never know what caused the obvious mental breakdown that would make any man do this kind of thing. We can fathom guesses about thyroid/mental imbalances, which I think would be obvious to anyone after seeing the news.

But to wrap this around someone I looked up to as the wrestler, just clouds things too much. A great wrestling legacy has evaporated in a span of less than 24 hours.

My condolences to the surviving children and to the friends of the family. To the wrestlers, let this be a wake up call about what those things you're injecting every few days can do to you. To Vince, let this be proof that an off season might be a good idea and that tests for steroids need to be upped, including tests for HGH.

As a Christian, I pray for Nancy & Daniel's soul to rest in a better place.

And despite all of this, to Chris Benoit, I pray God have mercy on your soul.

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